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living in a mixed world

November 1, 2013 11:25 p.m.

Starting with a new company back in 2001 threw me into a slight Windows and heavy Linux environment. We had an Exchange server for internal email and a client still running NT4. Although, production servers were linux. And I use that term loosely since most of them were on Cobalt RaQ servers. Back then, Cobalt did not mean linux/redhat truly, but a form of a redhat based OS was there. The directory structure of where things lived were not necessarily in the standard places. However, it was still linux and fairly easy to adapt.

Living in a mixed Unix/Linux and Windows environment can be tough at times. Especially when you are the one and only brain in the chair guy that has all the answers. It's very hard to be the expert for both Windows and Linux/Unix at the same time! How many can actually say that they know everything about IIS (6, 7 and 7.5) running on different Windows platforms, while at the same time claim to know about Apache 1.3+ to 2+ on Linux, Unix and FreeBSD systems as well?

This is just web server based at this point. Enter in MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, etc... SMB, NFS, DNS, DHCP, Firewalls, LDAP, Active Directory. It can totally make you crazy, right?

Windows and Unix/Linux can easily live in the same environment. It just needs to be configured by someone who understands the complexity and understands the needs.

Does a Windows machine ever need to serve web pages that are not windows specific (asp, etc...). Not ever! If it's html, php, python, jsp (tomcat), etc. Apache does it better. Databases also fall into that situation. People will at times install apache and mysql on a windows box. Why would you do that? Because it's easy? Because windows is your comfort zone? How is troubleshooting that down the road? I'm sure that Windows Event Log provides tons of useful information.

Alright, I'll stop beating a dead horse now. Basically I'm saying that Windows and Linux can both live together in harmony. However, people using the systems cannot expect them to be easily interchangeable. It takes knowledge and skill to work with both. It takes more knowledge and skill to make both work together.




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