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March 19, 2010 5:49 p.m.

This is one huge thing that kept me from keeping up with things on the site over the last few months... Like I've said in the past, "I'm a gamer by nature!" So, facebook games were another outlet (vice) without committing to an actual game.

Facebook in general is a very good thing... Allows people to stay in contact, talk, meet or whatever. Then again, it's easy to get sucked in! Initially, I spent a good amount of time being social and doing what facebook, IMHO, was meant to do. I touched based with old friends, family and the like.

Then these apps in the sidebars kept showing up... And other people that I knew would invite me to join their apps... Or I'd see posts on their wall about progress or milestones in their apps. So, eventually, I had to check it out to see for myself what everyone else was getting out of facebook that I apparently was not.

Now, my initial experience with facebook apps was, well... No biggie. You got to throw food at people, take a quiz, establish family ties, buy a drink, etc... Seems pretty harmless at first. Then you end up finding out about the games that people play (they are called apps, but are really games). Mafia Wars, Gang Wars, Pirates, Farm Town, Mobsters, Texas Hold 'Em, Medieval Wars, Realm of Empires, etc...

It's completely amazing to me how this sort of atmosphere can suck you in. Now, it may be just me... Because I like to play games, but c'mon. Do we need to make games to draw people into a world and be social? Maybe we do... Since a lot of people these days will not be social on their own outside of work or their home life... And to be honest, I'm probably one them for the most part.

Most of these games will reward you for inviting your facebook friends to the game or recruiting others to make you more powerful... I've yet to fall into this trap... Kinda like my MMORPG days, it is what it is... I will not make fake friends to gain in a game. Kinda like real life i guess. Yes, I will help friends... But true friends... Not people that use me for personal gain!

Let's finish with this... I've been playing Realm of Empires for quite a while. I belong to Realm 2, 3, 4 and 5. This was and is the greatest game I've seen so far (just my opnion). It allows me to be an individual and work as a team. You have to interact with others... because to survive you need to be part of a clan. There's no possible way that I've been able to achieve the top 10 in the clan on Realm 3 without doing my part.

At this point... Logging into other apps has slowed tremendously! Then again... As a gamer, and looking for the next thing... Realm of Empires has also slowed down quite a bit in the last month. Once something better comes along, I'll either stop playing Realm of Empires or just log in daily to do village maintenance.

Maybe I should just fire up Counter-Strike in WINE when I get the urge to play something, so I can continue to focus on my web site and programming for the other sites that I maintain. Wink

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